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Enriching our society and environment by maximising individual and collective social impact.

This tale begins with identifying a common thread between two distinct ideas. Sasha wanted to volunteer her skills, but was consistently met with resistance, especially from larger organisations. Ally was captivated by the stories that surrounded her and their potential to foster increased empathy, but was frustrated by their lack of recognition.
Feeling silenced by the structures that privilege social and academic capital over personal experience, they sought to uproot the deep-seated apathy affecting many people and from which they themselves were not immune. And so began The QUO.

Making it easier, and more accessible, for people and communities to make a tangible social impact.

The QUO was born with the recognition that if we can make it easier for communities to affect change on a micro level, our collective impact will be maximised.
By connecting stories, events, organisations, jobs and campaigns in one place, we let individuals choose how they want to give back to their community. Here, non-conforming organisations and individuals connect, sidelined stories are heard and any respectful idea is given the opportunity to gestate into an action.
The QUO is autonomous. We will never subject our community or their ideas to the implicit hierarchies imprinted into the fabric of our society. We value lived experience and imagination as much as professional experience and tertiary qualifications.
The QUO actively reaches out to individuals at the intersections of racism, sexism, sexual identity-related discrimination, geographical isolation, ageism, classism and ableism. We believe these voices need to be heard.
The QUO recognises that meaningful change requires an acknowledgement of both our personal and collective responsibility. We encourage the birth, growth and active engagement of community groups and individual change-makers so we may all become pioneers of change.

We are a group of curious individuals collaborating to realise shared goals.

Sasha Jurac

Managing Director

Founder of The QUO, Sasha brings in her consultancy experience; most notably from SEEK Limited. During her time advising prospective candidates transitioning to community services-oriented careers, she increasingly noticed the difficulty of gaining entry in community organisations and the lack of resources available at our fingertips to encourage active participation in causes that matter to us the most. Sasha is out to show that even the smallest contributions can revitalise our engagement within the community, maximise social impact and catalyse meaningful change.

Alexandra Havas


As co-founder of The QUO, Alexandra wants to use the power of storytelling to encourage active participation from the QUOmmunity and beyond. Drawing upon her background in sociology and social policy, she understands the potential obstacles between wanting to contribute, and making that first all-important step.

Extending upon Sasha’s original vision, she saw the potential of platforming stories that mainstream media overlooks, and linking them to tangible calls to action. Alexandra is personally very passionate about highlighting the potential for individuals to create meaningful change on a micro level.

Martin Baker

Head of Design

Martin is passionate about exploring the narratives that emerge through the fusion of eclectic, or otherwise, disparate ideas. His experience ranges across many formats, from gig posters and packaging design, to a highly popular fanzine, with his work for The QUO adding identity and web design to that list.

Enamoured with The QUO's mission of building a QUOmmunity of empowered individuals and organisations, Martin's designs are a celebration of identity and diversity, presenting content in a way that respects the personal truths and unique characters of the QUOmmunity whilst also keeping the experience as accessible as possible.

Joanna Cabot

Video Journalist

Joanna believes that unlike many media platforms, The QUO explores alternative ideas and creates a safe space where each story has its unique identity. She values respecting the autonomy of communities and organisations. Through her video work, she exposes the sidelined stories of Sydneysiders, and hopes to inspire the engagement of future changemakers.

Keegan Thomson

Assistant Editor & Journalist

Keegan is an avid storyteller, journalist and global gallivanter who joined The QUO because of his passion to cultivate change through storytelling. This has led him to chase stories of local, national and global consequence across Australia and the world. He believes no community could exist without good, truthful journalism. Working at The QUO, Keegan is on a quest to learn more about what makes people tick in an increasingly polarised modern world.