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Babes Against Detention

From badges to tote bags, B.A.D products stand against the incarceration and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers.

It’s simple.

We’re a bunch of babes against detention.

Australia is the only country in the world that holds asylum seekers in offshore detention centres for indefinite periods of time. 

At a time where the number of displaced people is at it’s highest since World War Two, we don’t really think that’s good enough.

So we’re taking a stand against Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers by being a little bit  B.A.D.

Join us?

Stick it to the man by buying product and showing your support for those in detention centres with the #babesagainstdetention.

You can also consider your good deed done for the day. We donate $5 from each sale to The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

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