Benefits & Features
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Benefits and features

Change(,) your way

One aggregated network (specialised and comprehensive)

  • Highly targeted, responsible/active audience (likeminded in the sense that they’re crazy about change, not necessarily in terms of preferred issues/political leanings)
  • Booms, stories, initiatives
  • No set preference for method of change ie. not just petitions, donations, events etc. but all of these things

Be smart/efficient

  • Breadth of content helps you to build a robust viewpoint/understanding of status quo
  • Issues AND location help you effectively navigate/target information/audience
  • Comprehensive benchmarking

A responsible network/platform

Keep your initiatives up to date

  • Every update puts you at the top of the list
  • Shifts focus away from fancy PR to good work
  • Affects your user score

Keep others responsible by booming when you see something wrong

  • Community effort
  • Focus on being constructive

Engage with initiatives

  • Increases your user score
  • Show others that you’re an active member

User rating index/score

Always free to sign up


Why do I need another social network?

  • We’re unique (responsibility based geo-social & media network)
  • We are an aggregator of formerly disparate elements meaning you needn’t scour the web (all your needs in one place)
  • Relevant analytics

Whats my ROI/can you guarantee conversion on my initiatives?

  • TL;DR: your return/conversions are only going to be as good as your initiatives (time for some brutal honesty)
  • Analytics help you fine tune your initiatives
  • We’re fostering a community of responsible/active agents
  • Issues and location tagging help connect you with the right people

Why are there limits on issues?

  • TL;DR: issues are a very general way for us to categorise content on the site and not a strict guide on what can and can’t be posted
  • We need to give people an accessible entry point to find content
  • We are NOT trying to squash issues that don’t fit into a particular category/fit into multiple categories
  • You CAN file content under several issues IF YOU NEED TO

How can you ensure the responsibility of all parties?

  • Booms
  • Report malicious/inappropriate content

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